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Fluid flow is basically a deterrmining factor in most of engineering problems. They are not only in hydraulic facilities ranging from flow in pipes, turbomachinery, civil engineering construction, oceanological and environmental problems, but also in production engineering and heat transfer. It affects design of flow channels, reactors, cooling elements, working efficiency and more.


Fluid flow has basically a spatio-temporal nature but in most cases, spatial information is more relevant in engineering work. Knowing the spatial characteristics of fluid flow is essential. In this sense, conventional methods in the experimental fluid mechanics are weak in obtaining spatial information quantitatively. This hinders effective flow sutdy in the engineering problems and pushes up its cost in design study.


At the same time, many of fluids used in the engineering applications are opaque. For such cases, no effective method can be used in obtaining flow characteristics. Ultrasonic technique is probably the only effective way for such cases. In recent years, ultrasonic Doppler method has been developed and established in Switzerland at Paul Scherrer Institute and being marketed by Met-Flow S.A. Our team has been involved in the whole process from its development through its establishment. Its expertise is wide in designing the machine, using this method and data analaysis.


With this back ground, we provide services in all aspects in use of the ultrasonic Doppler method. We also provide a measurement service by our team members for your flow configuration on your site. For many users, training can be helpful for improving their efficient use of this method.