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Products : Software (Out of order)

As user support programms, we have following three packages of Data analysis software. All programs are available on Windows 95/98 and some are on Windows NT. Demo programs are available for ASP1 and ASP3 to download from here.

Package 1 :
Time Series
The program (FBTSW.EXE) computes various quantities related to turbulent statistics. They are PDF of velocity fluctuation, 1. to 4. order of moments of PDF and then turbulent statistics such as Mean velocity, Variance, Kutosis and Skewness as function of spatial coordinate. The result can be stored in files in text format so that they can be used to plot and for further evaluation of the velocity field.
Windows 95/98 version (v. 4.57) will be available in Nov. 99.
Package 2 :
Power spectrum analysis
The program (FBPower.exe ver. 4.00) computes power spectra at every spatial position using the data set obtained by UVP. The result is shown as space-frequency power spectra in color coded display. It is also possible to make space average over a required region within the measured region. The result of power spectra is saved in a file for further evaluation of the flow field. The program (FBPeak.exe ver. 2.00) will analyze the power spectrum computed by FBPower.exe. It identifies peaks of fundamental modes and their higher order harmonics as well as their linear combinations.
Package 3 :
Flow mapping
This package consists of several programs which deal with measurement design, treat raw data to compute average profiles and compute vectors at all crossing points of measurement lines. Computed vectors are stored in a file for a post-processing using other plotting applications, such as TECPLOT.
Utility Package FBAVR : Exploring average profiles.
FBUVP : Exploring UVP data sets.