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Measurement Service

We are pleased to offer a measurement service at various levels. We will perform measurement using ultrasonic Doppler method in the customers flow configuration. Measruements might be for obtaining an average and transient flowrate in pipes, average flow distrirbution in various flow channels, flow mapping in the container etc.

As a nature of Ultrasonic Doppler method, we can perform measurement for a variety of liquids such as water, petroleum, chemicals, food materials, liquid metals and more.

After discussing and identifying requirements of flow measurement by customers, as well as checking if the measurement might be performed without any special arrangement for probing the ultrasonic beam, details of the measurement will be offered together with data analysis and results formulation.

Measurement Service
Water Pipe flow
Hg flow
Hg flow (average)
Flow structure in
Rotating cylincer
RC : Average
RC : Transient
RC : Excel
Instantaneous Vector
Flow mapping
Flow mapping
Taylor Vortex Flow
Czokralski flow
Czokralski flow