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Service : Supporting

With a rich experience in developing and applying the ultrasonic Doppler method for fluid flow measurements, we are pleased to provide various types of support in using this measurement technology.

Experimental configuration

Since this measurement method is a line-wise measurement and not a point-wise measurement as conventional techniques, designing the experiment and determining the experimental configurations may need some experience. We will advise you how to configure your measurement setup, how to prepare reflectors etc.

Transducer holders

Practice on using transducer holders is a matter of experience. We could advise about its designing and offer fabrication of a holder for single and multiple transducers.

Program development

Sine the result to be obtained by the ultrasonic Doppler method is sptaio-temporal velocity field, it is possible to derive a rich information about the flow field, not only for an average flow pattern (velocity profile) but also space-dependent time characteristics, time-dependent spatial characteristics and spatio-temporal characteristics of the flow field. This requires knowledge of the recent data analysis and view by orthogonal decomposition. Please contact us if you are interested in these modern fluid mechanical investigation.

For more on conventional data analysis programs, refer to : Here.